Trojans News · MS volleyball competes at Madison – 8th grade keeps rolling


7th Grade

9 – 25, 15 – 25, 20 – 25

Last night Whitmore Lake made the journey to Madison for the battle of the Trojans.  The girls have been practicing well lately and had a good warm-up, but it didn’t transfer to the game.  Whitmore Lake was slow and sluggish in the first set giving up 12 straight points to begin the match against the hard serving host.  Finally. Whitmore Lake scored a point off a side out then Samantha Bearer served three more.  Madison continued to throttle Whitmore Lake with their powerful serves and before one complete rotation, the set was over 25 – 9.  Whitmore Lake was hoping to do better in the second set, but the blue and gold Trojans continued to pound Whitmore Lake with their serves. Midway through the set, Emily Schemer put a serve run together for Whitmore Lake but soon Madison closed another set at 15 – 25.  In the third set, Whitmore Lake started playing better, moving more and scoring more points off their serve, including a three point run by Alex Waldecker.  Whitmore Lake was also doing a better job with serve receive except against one Madison server who had two serve out rotations in the set carrying the home Trojans to a third set win, 20 – 25.  Leila Mingori’s serve consistency continues to improve and Adeline Conrow channeled her inner giant and played monstrous at the net getting her first spike and scaring Madison into missed hits at the net with her awesome blocking attempts, while Bearer again showed her signature hustle and diving all over the court.  The loss drops the seventh grade record to 1 – 8 (0 – 6 TCC).  The girls will try to get that elusive second win on Friday during their pink out match against St. Thomas.  Support your Trojans and breast cancer awareness month by wearing pink when you come out to the game.

8th Grade

25 – 21, 25 – 9, 25 – 15

Last night Whitmore Lake traveled to Madison for the clash of the Trojans.  Whitmore Lake started off slow, letting a few balls drop by poor communication.  Luckily the other Trojans weren’t doing any better, and by the time Hayden Brose got up to serve Whitmore Lake got it’s act together and the red and white Trojans put together four points in a row to get out front 9 – 4.  Whitmore Lake continued to hold that margin for a couple of more rotations, but then they came unglued.  Madison had a serve out rotation and took the lead at 15 – 14.  Whitmore Lake refocused and grabbed the lead right back on the next rotation.  With two short runs off the serves of Annika Taylor and Charlese Stanley, Whitmore Lake opened up a small gap, 19 – 16.  From there, Whitmore Lake’s defense shut down Madison’s serve not allowing a point off the home Trojans’ serve.  Brose put another short run together and Whitmore Lake was two points away from striking gold at 23 – 18.  After two missed serves, Whitmore Lake tried to let the other Trojans back into the set, but the girls did not panic as they have had a lot of experience of being in tough situations and closed out the set 25 – 21 with a side out.  In the second set, Madison put their second string on the floor to see if they could drum up some mojo against the red hot visitors.  It was crucial for Whitmore Lake take advantage of this opportunity and wrap up the match in two.  With the first serve, Whitmore Lake jumped out to a 3 – 0 lead, but some out of character mistakes and missed serves let Madison hang around for a few rotations.  Finally, Whitmore Lake started rolling and with a serve out rotation by Adriana Canter the red and white Trojans were on top 14 – 6, completely in control of the set.  Taylor, Stanley, Katrina Kautz and Brose each added two points to the scoreboard for a dominating second set and match win at 25 – 9.  Although the match was technically over, the cool Trojans were not done yet.  Even though Whitmore Lake has been winning a lot of matches lately, they have yet to take all three sets, and that was their goal.  Like the second set, Whitmore Lake went up 3 – 0, but after three missed serves in a row, Madison was hanging around again and took a lead at 7 – 6.  Like the first set though, four points off the Brose serve gave Whitmore Lake some breathing room at 11 – 7.  From there, the teams held steady until Canter made it to the serving line, where she dished up five aces in a row for another serve out rotation, putting Whitmore two points from the sweep at 23 – 14.  Brose’s serve took Whitmore Lake to game point then the girls got the broom out and with a final side out swept Madison off the court 25 – 15, showing the home team who the real Trojans were.  Overall Whitmore Lake is playing extremely well.  All four setters (Taylor, Brose, Canter, Heather Davis) had a good night setting up attacks and Canter, K. Kautz and Joey Wilson did a nice job at the net mixing up tips and hits keeping Madison off balance.  The win brings Whitmore Lake to .500 overall on the season and guarantees Whitmore Lake a share of second place and a winning record in the league.  Their record now stands at 4 – 4 (4 – 2 TCC).  With four in a row, the girls look to keep the streak alive on Friday when they host St. Thomas for their pink out match to support breast cancer awareness month.  Support your Trojans and breast cancer awareness by wearing pink when you come out to the game on Friday.