Trojans News · MS volleyball plays well at Whiteford

7th Grade

24 – 25, 16 – 25, 7 – 25

At Whiteford last night, Whitmore Lake continued where they left off against Sand Creek.  The girls were playing well, going after the ball and sending it back across the net.  After short scoring runs by Adeline Conrow, Samantha Bearer and Kiley Staples the Trojans were up 14 – 9.  Ann Kautz served three more points for Whitmore Lake and the Trojans were cruising towards a first set win with the score at 18 – 11.  From there though, the Trojan train derailed and Whiteford started their comeback.  The Bobcats started putting their scoring runs together and soon they were on top.  In desperation, Whitmore Lake finally got the serve back as the Bobcats reached game point at 24 – 23.  Leila Mingori served the tying point putting the set at next point wins.  Unfortunately, the final serve by Whitmore Lake fell short handing the win to Whiteford, 25 – 24.  After the heartbreaking lost, Whitmore Lake fell apart in the second set.  The highlight of the set and the only points off a Trojan serve was Bearer’s serve out rotation midway through the set.  Whiteford claimed the second set 25 – 15.  The third set didn’t get any better as Whitmore Lake again looked like a team that didn’t want to be on the court or playing volleyball.  Whitmore Lake had trouble getting serves over the net and wasn’t able to score any points off their own serve.  Whiteford quickly finished off the Trojans 25 – 7 to drop the Trojan record to 1 – 6 (0 – 4 TCC).


8th Grade

16 – 25, 25 – 25, 25 – 24

Fresh off their win against Sand Creek, the Trojans were looking to make it two in a row.  In warm-ups though Whitmore Lake looked sloppy and it carried into the first set, getting down early at 2 – 8.  Whitmore Lake fought back and after Heather Davis served four in a row, the Trojans were in the lead at 11 – 10.  With the hard work to get back into the set, Whitmore Lake must have needed a rest and took one on the court allowing Whiteford to score 11 unanswered points for a 21 – 10 lead.  After a side out, Annika Taylor tried to get the Trojans going again with her four service points, but Whiteford answered with four of their own to win the first set 25 – 16.  In the second set, Whiteford put it’s second string on the floor and Whitmore Lake took advantage of the situation going up 12 – 3 behind the serve out rotation of Taylor and points by Adriana Canter, Charlese Stanley and Hayden Brose.  After that, Whitmore Lake took another snooze and Whiteford rallied back to get within five at 16 – 11.  After a smelling salts time out, Whitmore Lake shook off the Z’s and took care of business to win the second set 25 – 15.  If Whitmore Lake wanted to win two in a row, they would have to beat Whiteford’s first string in the third and deciding set.  The volleyball gods were on the Trojan’s side early as Whitmore Lake won the coin toss and Whiteford chose the unlucky side of the net.  Whitmore Lake then started off the third set in dominating fashion and after a serve out rotation by Canter, the Trojans jumped out to an 8 – 1 lead.  Whitmore Lake began to struggle missing several serves in a row.  Luckily the Trojan defense was strong and with the big lead Whitmore Lake was able to hang on not giving up any big runs.  But still it is hard to win if you can’t get the serve over the net.  As Whitmore Lake’s serving struggles continued Whiteford continued to close the gap.  Added to the serving woes, Whitmore Lake stopped their court communication giving Whiteford several easy points and finally the Bobcats captured the lead at 18 – 17.  After a time out, the Trojans regrouped and with Davis serving, Whitmore Lake reclaimed the lead at 21 – 18.  A few serves later, Whitmore Lake was still on top 23 – 21, but Whiteford scored two more points to tie the set at 23.  Whitmore Lake took its final time out to slow the Bobcats momentum and develop a game plan.  The strategy was to get the ball back coming out the time out, but if that didn’t happen, not to panic.  There would still be another chance to get a side out and then Canter would serve up an ace to ice the match.  Whitmore Lake did not get the first side out it was looking for, but everything else went as planned.  The girls didn’t panic, got the next side out and Canter dished up the ice cold ace for a 25 – 24 win giving Whitmore Lake it’s second win of the season and two in row.  Throughout the third set the Whitmore Lake did an excellent job transitioning from defense to offense with great passes from the back row, then running the offense through Taylor and Brose who put up good sets for the Trojans to attack with Kendall Everard, Joey Wilson, Ellyona Lincoln, Stanley, Taylor and Brose, all making great hits at crucial moments in the set.  The girls also played great in many pressure packed situations showing a lot of mental growth in the game.  The win moves the team to .500 in the league with a 2 – 4 (2 – 2 TCC) record.  The girls are off until next Monday when Britton-Deerfield visits.