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5/7/18 Whitmore Lake vs. Whiteford

Boys:  Whitmore Lake – 43     Whiteford – 85

Girls:  Whitmore Lake – 74     Whiteford – 54

Last night Whiteford invaded Trojan territory a middle school track meet.  The large Whiteford boys’ team surprised Whitmore Lake with their numbers and strength soundly defeating Whitmore Lake 85 – 43.  On a tough night, the Trojans were only able to get five first place finishes.  Thomas Riel picked up two of those winning the long jump and 100 meter dash and Isaac Brady grabbed another sprint win in the 70 meter dash.  Continuing the short sprint highlights, Riel and Brady teamed with Miles Fair and Aiden Bare to capture Whitmore Lake’s only relay win in the 400 meter relay.  Cole Rinna grabbed Whitmore Lake’s lone distance victory with a win in the 1600 meter run. The loss drops the Trojans record to 4 – 3 (1 – 3 TCC).  Whitmore Lake’s girls faired better against the larger Bobcat team and got out to an early lead by winning three of the four first events with Jordan Jr. winning the high jump and 3200 meter run, both with PR’s and Katy Carbary with the longest toss in shot put, putting the Trojans on top 28 – 17.  Craven picked up a third win 800 meter run and Lily Wilson took the top spot in the 200 meter hurdles.  Although the Bobcats won seven individual events compared to Whitmore Lakes five, the relays were the difference and would settle the meet.  Whiteford won the first relay, but Whitmore Lake took the next three with Lauren Pricey, Natalie Meadows, Jamie Meadow and Kendall Everard winning the 3200 meter relay, the two Meadows, Everard and Ciara Parsons winning the 1600 meter relay and the two Lily’s, Blanchard and Wilson, the other Wilson, Joey and Emma Bucker winning the 400 meter relay.  After all the dust settled, the Trojans came out on top 74 – 54, giving the girls their first TCC victory.  The win moves the girls to a winning record at 4 – 3 (1 – 3 TCC).  The 3 star athletes were:  Tanner Kurtz – good 200; Feston – PR in the 3200 and 800; Nathan Fraga – another minute off is 3200 time; Emma Buckler – PR in 55H; Ciara Parsons – PR in 200H; Joey Wilson – PR in 100 & 200; Brooke Craven – three 1st place finishes, PR’s in HJ & 3200 and good 800.

 5/9/18 Whitmore Lake vs. Summerfield

Boys:  Whitmore Lake – 20     Summerfield – 21

Girls:  Whitmore Lake – 45     Summerfield – 40

In a storm shortened meet, Whitmore Lake’s boys struggled against the strong Bulldog team, with Thomas Riel capturing the only first place for the Trojans winning the long jump.  Although they weren’t able to come out on top, several other Trojans had PR’s and stand out performances including Cole Rinna who ran into the record books again with a time in the 800 meter run that placed him fifth in the all-time 8th grade class list.  The meet was called midway through the 3200 meter relay with a score of Summerfield 71, Whitmore Lake 20. For the girls, Brooke Craven and Katie Carbarie took first in the high jump and shot put respectively for the Trojans, then Lily Wilson raced to a first in the 55 meter hurdles.  Next up for the Trojans was the 800 meter run where Natalie Meadows placed first in her PR time. Craven followed that up with a win in the 1600 meter run, running under six minutes putting her second in the all-time 7th grade class records and faster than her sister again.  Joey Wilson picked up the final win for Whitmore Lake before the meet was cut short by lightning, running a lightning quick time in the 400 meter dash.  When the storms put an early end to the meet, Whitmore Lake stood on top 45 – 40 giving the Trojans another TCC win for a 5 – 3 (2 – 3 TCC) record.  The 3 star athletes were:  Cole Rinna – 5th all-time 8thgrader in 800; Tristan Clay – PR in the 1600; Gillette Fraga – shaved another 20 seconds off his 3200 time; Brooke Craven – under 6 minutes and 2nd all-time 7th grader in the 1600; Lauren Pricey – PR in 1600; Natalie Meadows – PR in 800; Joey Wilson – very nice 400. One final highlight of the meet was Emma Buckler, who was the real winner of the evening when a lightbulb finally turned on in her head and had a revelation saying, “Mr. LaNew you were right.”