Trojans News · MS Track – Whitmore Lake vs. Roeper, St. Thomas & St. Francis

Boys:  Whitmore Lake – 66     Roeper – 20     St. Thomas – 11     St. Francis – 56

Girls:  Whitmore Lake – 85     Roeper – 17     St. Thomas –   3     St. Francis – 48

Last night Whitmore Lake hosted a quad meet against Roeper, St Thomas and St. Francis.  The boys only had 10 athletes in action, but that didn’t deter the small Trojan squad.  Whitmore Lake won two of the three field events to start things off with taking both the jumps; Feston in the high and Thomas Riel in the long.  Miles Fair hurdled his way to a victory in the 55 meter event.  After conceding the 800 meter relay, the Trojans started to roll winning five events in a row.  David Patterson started the streak with a win the 800 meter run, then Feston duplicated the feat in the 1600 meter run.  Riel sped to a win in the 100 meter dash followed by Tristan Clay doing the same in the 400 meter dash.  It wasn’t until after a win in the 3200 meter relay by Feston, Patterson, Clay and Alex Kurth that the Trojans were knocked out of the top spot.  Whitmore Lakes final win came in the 400 meter relay with Isaac Brady, Riel, Fair and Aiden Bare taking the baton across the finish line first, turning out the be the deciding points in the meet as the Trojans narrowly defeated St. Francis 66 – 56 and taking down Roeper who amassed 20 points and St. Thomas with 11.  The three wins give the boys a winning record of 4 – 2 (1 – 2 TCC).  The girls also won two of the three field events with Katie Karbary winning the shot put while Lauren Pricey and Heather started a 1, 2 trend for the Trojans that began in the high jump.  Brooke Craven and Jamie Meadows continued the trend in the 3200 meter run with Craven tying her sister as the 2nd all-time seventh grader in the event.  Next Soleil Weaver and Lily Wilson went 1, 2 in the 55 meter hurdles, then Natalie Meadows and Davis repeated the feat in the 800 meter run.  Craven and Pricey did it again in the 1600 meter run.  Although the run of 1, 2 finishes was over, the winning wasn’t as Craven, Pricey, N. Meadows and Kendall Everard picked up the first of three relay wins in the 3200 meter relay.  L. Wilson grabbed a win in the 200 meter hurdles for the Trojans then it was the 1600 meter relay team of N. Meadows, Pokey Taylor, Ciara Parsons and J. Meadows time to shine with their win.  Lily Blanchard, L. Wilson, Joey Wilson and Emma Buckler put an exclamation point on the meet with their win in the 400 meter relay giving the Trojans a dominating win with 85 points over St. Francis with 48, Roeper with 17 an St. Thomas with 3.  The three wins take the girls to .500 on the season at 3 – 3 (0 – 3 TCC).  The 3 star athletes were:  Isaac Brady – 4th all-time 7th grader in the 70; Alex Kurth – 5’ PR in SP; Carter Bradburn – PR in the 200 & took one for the team running the 3200; Jamie Meadows – outstanding 3200R leg; Brooke Craven – tied 2nd all-time 7th grader in the 3200; Pokey Taylor – 4’ PR in SP & not so pokey in her 1600R leg.